Roger- 1st Year Science Student

I was unsure as to what path to follow. I loved Science and Maths but after two  counselling sessions I was more aware of my strengths and what area of science to choose. It was also interesting to look at the different courses each university offered then compare the subjects- they are all so different. I was not aware of this as I thought all degrees were the same at each university. I felt more sure of my future, before doing the HSC, after speaking with Mrs Condon. Because of this I was more relaxed leading up to the exam.


My daughter knew from a young age that she wanted to be a doctor but felt she wouldn’t get the marks. She was shown alternate ways to achieve this and improve her chances. She is currently undertaking a Medical Science degree and feels this was probably better than going straight into Medicine. She feels her foundation for Medicine will be stronger as she is learning so much already. It was so helpful to her to realise her dream was attainable but along a different path. She will do Medicine as a second degree and can gain direct entry via the path she has chosen.

hands-upTom- Student Year 12

During Years 10 and 11 I became very lazy and was not motivated. My grades slipped, I was fighting with my parents and I didn’t have any direction. I had to see the Careers Counsellor as part of the school program and thought it was a waste of time. I came away from the first interview feeling I had a chance at something better and after the second I had a routine to follow- a study plan, guide and I could see the future in smaller bites rather than one big mountain. I think I can now be what I want to be and have just as much a chance as anyone else.


Having read many resumes for two positions I had available in my business, I was having difficulty deciding on the short list. I met Phillipa at a Small Business meeting and she discussed her business and what it offered. I decided to try the Employee Screening assessment on the three remaining applicants and was interested to view the results. I then followed with a final interview  with all three applicants and with the assessment results , was able to ask more pertinent questions and glean a further insight into these applicants. From the combination of resume , assessment and interview I have only employed one of the three and will be structuring my application process differently in future by incorporating the Employee Screening assessment as part of the application process.

The Leadership Development is an area we are currently investigating and I am sure, like the Employment Screening, the use of the results will financially benefit my company as I will be basing my decisions on a more rounded and detailed profile of potential leadership candidates and employees.