In the Press

Phillipa Condon was the subject of an article in the local newspaper.

Newspaper Article

You can read the article above by clicking on the image or downloading the article.


Radio Interviews

Phillipa Condon has been interviewed on Highlands’ FM.  Listen to portions of the program:

November 9, 2010

Clip 1

Topics: Developing Life Skills for Career Success
Download the podcast 5.4 mb

Clip 2

Topics: Foundation Life Skills- Raising children

Download the podcast, 6.7 mb

Clip 3

Topics: Consequences for Actions

Download the podcast, 11.4 mb

Clip 4

Topics: preparing for Interviews & Parent/ Child Communication

Download the podcast, 10.2 mb

Interviews 2009

Download Interview 1 – Careers Counselling and Coaching, 25.6mb

A follow-up programme focused on “the importance of role modelling”

Download Interview 2 – Role Modelling, 12.mb

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