Do you know what Career path to choose?

Are you aware of the subjects you are required to undertake in Years 11 and 12 to follow a particular Career path?

Take advantage of a Careers Counselling Package which involves 2 one hour counselling sessions discussing life skills, your interests, personality, academic ability and undertaking a careers assessment. You can view a sample copy of the JVIS assessment.

Career Counselling and Coaching works with Primary and High schools, undertaking specific age appropriate assessments and workshops in Life Skills,Careers and Budgeting to help ensure the studentsĀ are prepared for life after school. Schools are encouraged to contact Career Counselling and Coaching directly to discuss individualised programs specific to their students. Workshops with parents can also be undertaken to assist them guiding their children through school, nurturing their independence, self esteem and self confidence within the safety net of home and school.