A resume reads well but do you really know who you are employing?

Are they positive or negative risk takers?

Do they have job commitment?

Will they engage in counter productive work behaviours?

When making that final choice let us offer you an assessment that will answer those questions.

The ACER Education Work Personality Index is a thorough assessment that can be specifically constructed to profile positions using specific job descriptors.

The Employee Screening Questionnaire is an assessment that cannot be falsified or manipulated. The assessment has an indicator that identifies consistency in the answering of questions.

Also available is a Leadership Skills Profile Development assessment. This is an in-depth assessment which analyses your employee’s strengths and weaknesses and provides you with the description of how your potential leader’s personality will affect their performance at that higher level.

It can be financially debilitating to your business if you employ the wrong candidate and place the weaker employer in that responsible position.