Career Counselling and Coaching is based in Canberra but has clients from all states of Australia and USA. Most consultations are undertaken via FaceTime or Messenger for the convenience of the client. All assessments are undertaken via email.

The organisation finds the development of transferable skills and life skills as essential for all clients to develop their career path and feel empowered to own their future. Time Management and organisational skills are an integral part of success and are supported in the counselling sessions.

For further information or to book an appointment please phone  0419438377.
For email enquiries  please contact Phillipa through the online form.

Phillipa Condon

Phillipa is the Director of Career Counselling and Coaching. Her qualifications include Registered Nurse, Operating Theatre Certificate, B Administration(Nursing) and  Masters of Human Services- Rehabilitation Counselling. She is a member of Rehabilitation Counselling Association of Australasia (RCAA),Careers Advisors Association of NSW (CAANSW) and Registered with the Nurses Registration Board of NSW. Phillipa has also been accredited by ACER Education to undertake specific restricted assessments.

Phillipa has worked with tertiary students as  a clinical Nurse educator in Operating Theatres and as a Careers Counsellor working with High School students. Her Careers Counselling extends to others in the community, who have decided on a career change, or to further their studies later in life. She has also been involved in running a family Beef Cattle business with her husband but in 2005 returned to study and her present career.

Resume writing, interview techniques and presentation are essential tools for all and these form the foundation for individual career paths.

Career Counselling and Coaching’s emphasis is on clients achieving their goals. Each package is individually tailored to complement the client and their path. The attainment of life and transferrable skills is a main objective as these are seen as resources for employment survival, especially in the current economic climate.

Career Counselling and Coaching also offers a major service to employers. This service involves pre-employment assessments to be run in conjunction with the interview process. It is a 15 minute online questionnaire that can give the employer extra information regarding a potential employee’s risk taking profile- both positive and negative. If an employer has candidates for promotional positions our service can also assist with Leadership assessments which identify an employee’s ability to rise to the leadership position.

Phillipa has identified the need for “career” education to begin as early as preschool age giving children tasks to perform within the safety net of home and school. Teaching children how to answer a phone improves their communication skills, as does talking with their peers and others in the community. Dealing with money and learning its worth and earning it by undertaking jobs gives them a feeling of self worth and success and responsibility. Having respect and pride in oneself and extending this to ones belongings, and other individuals, is essential in developing a community spirit and self worth and self confidence.

The reinforcement of consequences for actions is essential in this area of development as individuals are aware of cause and effect and how their actions can impact, not only on themselves, but others. The use of team sports to encourage interaction and working with others is well recognised by employers as an essential tool in a cohesively run business.

A well rounded, self confident, empowered and respectful individual is a welcome addition to any business and this is the type of individual Career Counselling and Coaching aims to develop through the programCanberra